P365 Day 6 – a new coffee for a new year at work (6/1/2011)

My first day back at work. This coffee is pretty good.

My plant survived two weeks with no water.

I only had 12 unread emails, even after everyone else had been back at work for two days – I’m obviously not that important!!

Once I sat down (with coffee) I realised I had no wall planner. (The union kindly provides yearly planners to its members.) The wall behind my desk was blank. It was very disorienting. I missed the reassurance of seeing the year laid out in front of me every time I turned around. I needed the wall planner to know what day it was. The blank wall looked weird, out of place. It was disconcerting. 
Obtained a new wall planner from the Union delegate, pinned it up and immediately felt more at ease.

All is well.

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