12 of 12 January 2015

Today was Monday and I was in Hobart for work. The forecast was a mostly sunny day, 15 to 24 degrees.

1 of 12 – One of the new habits I am trying to get into (I’m not calling them resolutions because we all know we don’t stick to New Year’s resolutions – so I’m trying to form new habits) is going for a walk every morning. I fell out of this habit after my massive Walk in Her Shoes effort in March last year, so it’s well past time to get the shoes out and give this another go. Plus my doctor said I had to do it.

Walking2 of 12 – I’ve set myself a target of a 30 minute walk each day. At the moment I can walk for 30 minutes in the mornings, but that might have to change when school goes back. My pace is pretty slow right now, but at least I’m doing it every day. (I didn’t record Saturday because we were at the Tahune AirWalk.)

IMG_75153 of 12 – Here is our shiny new bus stop. Today I got there before the bus did. I think that’s a bit too enthusiastic.

20150112-03B Bus Stop4 of 12 – Because I don’t have to take Juniordwarf to school, I’m usually at work by about 5 past 8 in the mornings.

20150112-04 8 am5 of 12 – One thing that gives my work building character is the regularly malfunctioning lifts. This morning none of them were working, so I got some bonus exercise by having to walk up many flights of stairs.

IMG_75196 of 12 – And then it was time for coffee.

IMG_75207 of 12 – Another new habit I’m trying to cultivate is replacing some of my coffee breaks with herbal tea. I don’t like actual tea, but some of the herbal infusions are quite tasty. I bought a tea pot a while ago with the idea of making brews and letting them sit there for a while so I could have a steady supply of the stuff. It makes a nice change from plain water.

20150112-07 Tea8 of 12 – Setting up Princes Wharf 1 for MOFO, which starts later this week. Paul Kelly is coming and I can’t go because I have something else on 🙁

20150112-08 MOFO Preparations9 of 12 – I posted a picture of the Brooke Street Pier development in November after the new pier had been floated up the river. The work is continuing.

20150112-09 Brooke Street Pier10 of 12 – Some little boats and a big cruise ship.

20150112-10 Boats11 of 12 – There is still a trace of pink in my hair from my Molly Ringwald dress-up in October. This will teach me to never dye my hair again.

IMG_753212 of 12 – Grow my little pretties!


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