reading list 2016-2020

Books I read in 2020

My 2020 goal is to develop and maintain a daily habit of reading for enjoyment.

  1. Replenish (Lisa Grace Byrne)
  2. Use It or Lose It (Paul McIntyre)
  3. Indistractable (Nir Eyal)
  4. Beyond The Rock: The life of Joan Lindsay and the mystery of Picnic at Hanging Rock (Janelle McCulloch)
  5. A Beautiful Anarchy (David duChemin)
  6. Your Own Kind of Girl (Clare Bowditch)
  7. Grit (Angela Duckworth)
  8. The Four Tendencies (Gretchen Rubin)
  9. Good Omens (Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett)
  10. Machines Like Me (Ian McEwan)
  11. The Alcohol Experiment (Annie Grace)
  12. Makybe Diva (Trevor Marshallsea)
  13. Walking: One step at a time (Erling Kagge)
  14. The Secret Commonwealth (Philip Pullman)
  15. How to Love Brutalism (John Grindrod)
  16. Love Life (Rob Lowe)
  17. The Ravenmaster: My Life with the Ravens at the Tower of London (Christopher Skaife)
  18. The Ravenmaster’s Boy (Mary Hoffman)
  19. It’s only too late If You Don’t Start Now (Barbara Sher)
  20. Picnic at Hanging Rock (Joan Lindsay)
  21. The Naked Witch (Fiona Horne)
  22. You Can Heal Your Life (Louise L. Hay)
  23. The Sea Priestess (Dion Fortune)
  24. Talking To My Country (Stan Grant)
  25. Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Changed the World (Malala Yousafzai)
  26. The Productive INTP (Paul Q. Peters)
  27. Start with Why (Simon Sinek)
  28. Don’t Let Anything Dull Your Sparkle (Doreen Virtue)
  29. The Highly Sensitive Person: How to thrive when the world overwhelms you (Elaine N. Aron, PhD)
  30. Truganini: Journey through the apocalypse (Cassandra Pybus)
  31. Introvert Power: Why Your Inner Life is Your Hidden Strength (Laurie Helgoe, PhD)
  32. Future Brain: The 12 Keys To Create Your High-Performance Brain (Dr Jenny Brockis)
  33. Serpentine (Philip Pullman)
  34. The Left-Handed Booksellers of London (Garth Nix)

Books I read in 2019

My 2019 goal was to read 12 books, at least six of which were fiction.

  1. The Good Hustle (Dr Polly McGee)
  2. Exhausted to Energised (Dr Libby Weaver)
  3. Why You Like This Photo: The science of perception (Brian Dilg)
  4. La Belle Sauvage (Philip Pullman) (f)
  5. Let me tell you about a man I knew (Susan Fletcher) (f)
  6. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (John Boyne) (f)
  7. Daring Greatly (Brené Brown)
  8. The Barefoot Investor (Scott Pape)
  9. 2001 A Space Odyssey (Arthur C Clarke) (f)
  10. A Touch of Fae (E.B. Ryan) (f)
  11. The Productivity Project (Chris Bailey)
  12. The Power of Full Engagement (Jim Loehr & Tony Schwartz)
  13. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (Philip K Dick) (f)
  14. Bored and Brilliant (Manoush Zomorodi)
  15. Alternative Ageing (Suzi Grant)
  16. The Trial (Franz Kafka) (f)
  17. Time Travelling with a Hamster (Ross Welford) (f)
  18. The Irresistible Introvert (Michaela Chung)
  19. Michael Freeman’s Photo School: Black & White (Michael Freeman)
  20. Your Dream Life Starts Here (Kristina Karlsson)
  21. Carry a Big Stick (Tim Ferguson)

Books I read in 2018

20180402 Today's reading edit

  1. Steal like an Artist (Austin Kleon)
  2. Ways of Seeing (John Berger)
  3. Show Your Work! (Austin Kleon)
  4. Matilda (Roald Dahl)
  5. You Do You (Sarah Knight)
  6. The War of Art (Steven Pressfield)
  7. Five Give Up The Booze (Enid Blyton for Grown-Ups series, Bruno Vincent)
  8. Silence (Erling Kagge)
  9. The Secret History of Twin Peaks (Mark Frost)
  10. Get Your Shit Together (Sarah Knight)
  11. Architecture from the Edge (Barry McNeill & Leigh Woolley)
  12. Atomic Habits (James Clear)
  13. Calm (The School of Life)
  14. The Courage to be Disliked (Ichiro Kishimi and Fumitake Koga)
  15. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck (Mark Manson)
  16. The Nature of Photographs (Stephen Shore)

Books I want to read in 2018

1. The Poetics of Space (Gaston Bachelard)

2. The Strength Switch (Lea Waters)

3. The Barefoot Investor (Scott Pape)

4. La Belle Sauvage (Philip Pullman)

5. The Book of Joy (His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu)

6. You Do You (Sarah Knight)

7. The Courage to be Disliked (Ichiro Kishimi and Fumitake Koga)

8. The Writing Book (Kate Grenville)

9. Daring Greatly (Brené Brown)

10. Silence (Erling Kagge)

11. The War of Art (Steven Pressfield)

12. The Good Hustle (Dr Polly McGee)

13. Van Diemen’s Land (James Boyce)

Books I read in 2016

I set myself a goal to read 24 books in 2016. Here’s how I went. 10/24 is still “in progress”. I never finished it, so technically I only read 32 books. That’s still 33 per cent more than my original goal, so go me!

32/24: Goodwood (Holly Throsby)

31/24: Buddhism for Mothers (Sarah Napthali)

30/24: Untrain Your Brain (Mike Weeks)

29/24: Pretty Girl in Crimson Rose (8) (Sandy Balfour)

28/24: The One Thing (Gary Keller & Jay Papasan)

27/24: Firechild: The Life and Magic of Maxine Sanders “Witch Queen” (Maxine Sanders)

26/24: Start With Why (Simon Sinek)

25/24: The Road to Lower Crackpot (Brian Inder)

24/24: The Midnight Watch (David Dyer)

23/24: Confessions of a Tarot Reader: Practical Advice From This Realm and Beyond (Jane Stern)

22/24: Changeling (Mike Oldfield)

21/24: The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck (Sarah Knight)

20/24: Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder (Arianna Huffington)

19/24: Jump: A Journey into the Mind of a Champion (Lydia Lassila & Andrew Clarke)

18/24: Big Magic (Elizabeth Gilbert)

17/24: The Book of Faery Magic (Lucy Cavendish and Serene Conneeley)

16/24: Eat that Frog (Brian Tracy)

15/24: Yoga for Life (Colleen Saidman Yee)

14/24: Happier at Home (Gretchen Rubin)

13/24: Essentialism (Greg McKeown)

12/24: Mindset: How You Can Fulfil Your Potential (Carol S. Dweck)

11/24: 8 Minute Meditation (Victor Davich)

10/24: The Art of Happiness (The Dalai Lama)

9/24: The Miracle of Mindfulness (Thich Nhat Hanh)

8/24: Goddesses Never Age (Christiane Northrupp)

7/24: One Magic Square: Grow Your Own Food on One Square Metre (Lolo Houbain)

6/24: Animal Vegetable Miracle: A Year of Food Life (Barbara Kingsolver)

5/24: Do Share Inspire: The Year I Changed My Life Through TED Talks (Kylie Dunn)

4/24: Better Than Before (Gretchen Rubin)

3/24: Resonate (Louise Mahler)

2/24: I Thought It Was Just Me (but it isn’t): Making the Journey from “What Will People Think?” to “I Am Enough (Brené Brown)

1/24: 18 Minutes: Find Your Focus, Master Distraction and Get the Right Things Done (Peter Bregman)

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