20 for 2020

Here’s my 22 things to do in 2020.

Carried over from 2019’s list

1. Complete my photo project (completed 12 April 2020)

2. Get my sewing machine fixed (completed)

3. Complete the wellbeing course lessons (completed 31 May 2020)

Repeated from 2019

4. Complete my 2019 weekly photojournal and put in place a system so that I don’t get behind with the photos again (completed)

5. Have an alcohol-free month (completed 2 April 2020)

New for 2020

6. Complete the 21 days creative kickstart course I started at the end of 2019 (completed)

7A. Complete the Photoshop class I signed up for in 2019 (started in week 7, now on hold while I complete 7B)

7B. Complete the Photoshop Artistry course (in progress)

8. Successfully complete my uni course and graduate (completed the course successfully, qualification conferred on 18 December 2020)

9. Use no camera other than my SLR with a single prime lens for 30 days and post a photo a day for the month (started 28 October, completed 16 December 2020)

10. Ride my bike to work (completed 6 January 2020)

11. Set up a mini studio at home (in progress)

12. Finish the Bored and Brilliant challenge and write a blog post about it (completed 26 November)

13. Read the book Indistractable and do the activities it recommends (completed what I needed to)

14. Develop and maintain a daily habit of reading for enjoyment (habit developed)

15. Redesign my wall as a vision board (completed 29 February 2020)

16. Have a hearing test (completed 5 February 2020)

17. Learn to use my graphics tablet (in progress)

18. Reorganise my sock drawer (completed 5 January 2020)

19. Take a class in fermentation

20. Repot my orchid (completed 18 July 2020)

21. Use the sprout jar (completed)

22. Commit to (and actually do) a monthly review (January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December reviews completed)

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