P365 – Day 132 bandaids

Ever since Juniordwarf began to get fixated on particular things, we’ve wondered (in jest, of course) if this is an indication of his future career path.

At a very young age he was obsessed with toilets, and everywhere we went he would find the toilet and spend an excessive amount of time looking at it. So we thought maybe he’d be a plumber (which his teacher suggests is still an option, given the number of times during the day she has to remind him to hitch is pants up).

He’s also been very much into hairstyles, leading us to believe that a career as a hairdresser might also be on the cards.

Just recently, things took a different turn. A few days ago, he told me Teddy’s knee was sore and he needed to put a bandaid on it, so I let him have one or two from the cupboard to apply to Teddy’s injuries. I told he we could buy him his own packet of bandaids so if Teddy hurt himself, Juniordwarf would be able to fix him up.

Today I finally remembered to do that. Then we had to take Sleepydog to the vet for her weekly follow-up visit after her surgery. She had her stitches removed today, and Juniordwarf helped the vet count them as she took them out (there were eight, if you wanted to know).

When we got home, Juniordwarf told me that Teddy had hurt himself and he needed a bandaid, so he took his packet and proceeded to stick a bandaid on Teddy.

When I say ‘a bandaid’, I actually mean ‘a packet of bandaids’.

Yes, he used the entire packet of 50 bandaids.

He told me he was Teddy’s vet. Then he tossed Teddy on the couch and said Teddy needed to get some rest. 
So while the care and attention might have been there during the medical procedure, the after-sales service leaves a little to be desired.
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