19 for 2019

Here’s my 19 for 2019 list.

Updated Monday 30 December.

1. Complete the 31-day photography course [completed 20 July 2019]
2. Make a folio of my best/favourite photos throughout the year [in progress; incomplete]
3. Walk from Taroona to Moonah (just because it rhymes!) [completed 17 March 2019]
4. Book my skin check [completed 14 June]
5. Read 12 books, at least six of which are fiction [completed 13 March 2019]
6. Do the wellbeing program [four classes incomplete]
7. Get an ND filter [received 12 February 2019]
8. Complete the online writing course at work [completed 21 January 2019]
9. Take the coins to the bank [completed 9 January 2019]
10. Get my sewing machine fixed [waiting for the repair person to contact me when they are in town]
11. Complete my 2018 photojournal [completed 13 July 2019]
12. Make a spreadsheet to keep track of the beers in my 33 Books Co beer tasting journals and add in the beers I have tried from all of the books [completed 30 March 2019]
13. Go alcohol-free for a month [completed 31 March 2019]
14. Make one photo that I am really proud of and print it big, frame it and put it on the wall [not achieved; realised this wasn’t something I necessarily could achieve]
15. Explore a track on kunanyi [completed 1 February 2019]
16. Complete a photo project and print it [in progress]
17. Get a manicure [completed 16 July 2019]
18. Put at least 50 things in the Bucket List notebook [completed 13 July 2019]
19. Learn to use Lightroom [completed]

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