22 for 2022

My 22 for 2022 list

My 22 for 2022 list is made up of actions I want to take the in three areas where I want to make progress in the first three months of 2022:

  • supporting my body and mind
  • engaging in meaningful work
  • exploring

Some of these spill over into the second three months but I’ll worry about them after the end of March. Actually, I’m not worrying about too much beyond next month (which at the time of writing this, end of January 2022, is February). Even though I’ve put some times against all of these things, the ones after February are very vague targets that I’ll review at the end of every month because I think some major things could change very quickly and completely mess up any tightly woven plans. So I only want to plan out a month at a time.

My plan is to write a post each week about the progress I made on the things I wanted to work on that week, but also to set out a plan for the next week that I can report back on at the end of the week.

I’m also working on putting new habits in place for these three areas, which I’m writing about here.

And just to spice things up, here’s a list of 22 (well, actually, eight at the moment) recipes I want to try out in 2022.

The list at January 2022

Supporting my body and mind

1. Complete the MindSpot Wellbeing program (in progress)

2. See a nutritionist (parked)

3. Learn about food waste and make a menu plan that minimises waste (read Use It All and Simplicious Flow) (parked)

4. Talk to my GP about a health issue I’m concerned about (parked)

5. Sort out my kombucha supplies and start brewing it regularly (make this a habit) (in progress)

6. Grow something in the veggie bed I cleared out in 2021 (parked)

7. Get a strength training program (make this a habit) (deleted)

Meaningful work

8. Complete my TAFE course for work (complete)

9. Manage a small project at work using the project management tools I learned on the course in January (deleted)

10. Read Deep Work and make a summary of key takeaways and actions (complete)

11. Review the Priority Samurai course material and identify actions (complete)

12. Building on things 10 and 11, make a handbook for deep work, managing distractions and prioritising rest (including trialing Cal Newport’s time blocking planner and making a new weekly review) (in progress)

13. Sort out my Todoist and get rid of all the outdated tasks (complete)

14. Get a Strengthsfinder assessment (not started)

15. Create a system for managing new information at work (parked)

16. Complete the 30-day voice course (parked)

17. Complete the 30-day writing bootcamp (in progress)

18. Complete the Australian Writers’ Centre Content Writing course (complete)

19. Complete the Australian Writers’ Centre Profile Writing course (complete)

20. Complete the Australian Writers’ Centre Romance Writing course (complete)


21. Read the books in the 2022 Dymocks Reading Challenge (my 2022 reading list) (in progress)

22. Complete the Cosmic Calibration course and give feedback (complete)

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