21 for 2021

  1. Go to the exercise physiologist and get an exercise program (completed)
  2. Choose a different vegetable every week from In Praise of Veg  and make one of the recipes from the book (in progress)
  3. Complete the 30-day voice training course
  4. Work through the ideas in The Change Journal, one idea per week for 24 weeks (in progress)
  5. Spend an hour a week working through my annoying undone things list (in progress)
  6. Grow some vegetables in the garden bed (in progress)
  7. Clear out the area at the side of the house and make a space to sit (in progress)
  8. Spend an hour a week working on Kramstable’s videos (with the aim of completing at least two of them) (in progress)
  9. Write my mother’s life story (in progress)
  10. Make a book of my 2014 UK trip photos (in progress)
  11. Complete the Compelling Frame course (in progress)
  12. Complete the Photoshop Classroom in a Book activities
  13. Create a consistent web presence for my work (in progress)
  14. Photograph some unexplored areas (in progress)
  15. Use my tripod in public 
  16. Go out and shoot with film (in progress)
  17. Complete the Brainsparker gym* program (in progress)
  18. Update my resume and apply for at least one new job (completed)
  19. Get a Strengthsfinder assessment
  20. Implement the workday routine from the LifeHack program (completed)
  21. Read at least three books about Tasmanian history
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