Sydney travel blog day 4

Wednesday 18 January 2023

Too hot to do anything

Today, the news reported gleefully, people in Sydney would enjoy their first day of 30 degrees for almost a year.


The words “enjoy” and “30 degrees” do not belong in the same sentence any more than the word “enjoy” belongs with “going to the dentist”, “cleaning the bathroom” or “bananas”. But apparently, some people like the heat.


That forecast was one of the reasons I’d decided to make my photo-trip into the city yesterday, and because after today, it was supposed to rain for the rest of our trip.

Today, with the expected heat and my sore back, I decided to do very little.

Randwick Art Deco continued

A three-story red brick apartment building with three skyscraper columns
2a Bradley Street (Redlands)

In the morning I went out to find the rest of the Randwick Art Deco walk buildings, which were in Alison Road, Bradley Street and Cook Street.

A wooden art deco door withi a red brick doorway with the word Juverna along the top
50 Cook Street (Juverna)

They were all stunning.

Red brick parapets
50 Cook Street

I misread the map and thought that one of them had been demolished. It wasn’t until I got back to the accommodation that I realised I’d actually walked right past the place and I’d mistaken the number on the map for the street number of the property.

Back at UNSW

After I dropped Kramstable at NIDA, I wandered back through UNSW and noticed a brown brick building, which looked like it might have been student residences, surrounded by construction fence and some work being done. I’m guessing, based on the signs, they were removing asbestos in preparation to demolish it.

A brown brick building surrounded by construction fencing and warning signs
UNSW demolition site


Leaving UNSW, I headed back to the Newmarket area for coffee. This area has a strong connection to the horse racing industry, including a massive playground that used to be the sales ring for the horse sales.

A giant metallic playground structure that looks like a UFO
How cool of a playground is this

The “big stable” has been restored, and apparently it was used in the movie Phar Lap.

Large painted wooden building with an iron roof and the words INGLIS NEWMARKET on the roof
The Big Stable

I spent the rest of the day resting in the air conditioning before it was time to go back to NIDA.

The rain came in the evening, which cooled everything down, and was most welcome.

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