P365 – Day 72 gone fishing

Slabs is a keen fisherman and one of the things that attracted him to our town was its proximity to the river and a host of great fishing spots.

So today we went fishing.

Actually we did more driving than fishing, but we ended up at a pretty spot on the Styx River right alongside the Bushy Park Showgrounds.

By the time we got there, conditions weren’t particularly good for taking photos, but you can still see that it is a lovely spot (despite the proliferation of blackberries on the way down).

First up, Slabs and Juniordwarf had a few casts.

Then Slabs spotted some fish jumping in the other direction, so he headed off that way to see if he could land one (he didn’t).

Juniordwarf decided that throwing rocks in the river was going to be more fun than fishing.

Action shot

I tried so hard to get a shot of a rock in the air.
This is the best one.
Here he is, looking for the next rock.
And now to photo of the day. Remember how my project is supposed to be a photo a day taken on my phone camera? Well, today would have been a great opportunity to take a picture for the project of something a bit different to our daily life.
Except I left my phone at home.
Yes, I know. How did I cope? It was an extremely difficult three hours, being without it (!!!!), even though I most likely wouldn’t have had any reception where we went anyway.
Juniordwarf to the rescue! After we stopped in town on the way home, Slabs moved the rods to the back of the ute. When we got home, Juniordwarf got out his Diego car and his toy fishing rod, attached the rod to the back of the car, which was his version of the rods travelling in the back of the ute, and drove it round the lounge room to the fishing spot. 
Great! All I need to do is take a picture and link it in to the story and the problem’s solved. 
Did I think of that when he was doing it?
Of course not. 
Would be do it again once I had thought of it?
No. Diego, the car and the rod were packed away (together with the fish that came with the rod, in the box that he was using as the ‘river’, so I’m not sure how Diego has coped with that).
So this is a recreation. It’s the best I can do!
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