project life 2014 album – new title page

I finally decided to buy the digital Project Life kit to go with my Sunshine Edition cards.

I did this in 2012 with the Cobalt Edition and I liked how I could use this for a hybrid approach – for example, printing photos onto a 6×4 journal card and typing the journalling directly onto the card. Or in this case, onto a 3×4 journal card.

ImageThis way I don’t have to cut the photos and stick them onto the card, or hand write anything! It takes a bit more time when I’m editing the photos, but it saves time when I’m putting them in the album.

I’m planning a post for my January pages a bit later on, but in the mean time I have changed my title page. It probably won’t be the last change I make over the year either.

This is the recommended setup of the title page in the kit

ImageI find the mix of cards to be too confusing. I prefer it to look a bit more consistent, so I chose the left hand 3×4 filler card as my base. Then with the digital cards, I did exactly the same thing as I did in my 2013 album, and printed the year across the four cards.

So Version 2 of my title page looks like this

ImageI might replace one or two of the 6×4 cards with photos or something else. I’m not sure yet.

But  I like how it’s looking so far.

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