12 of 12 December 2013

Thursday 12 December was a pretty ordinary school and work day.

1 of 12 – School bank day.

Image2 of 12 – Lunch order day (Thursdays we have to remember two things!)

Image3 of 12 – This flower caught my eye on the way to work.

Image4 of 12 – Demolition watch. Two diggers working together to bring down the window frame. They cut through the concrete, then one holds the beam while the other one shears through the steel reinforcement.

Image5 of 12 – Writing Xmas cards.

Image6 of 12 – Two of my favourite pens (from the Xmas card task): a roller ball and a ball point, both by Lamy.

Image7 of 12 – Our two newest family members, Flip and Smudge.

Image8 of 12 – Hoping for a fine day soon so I can get these pretties into the ground and covered from avian predators.

Image9 of 12 – The temperature at 7.45 pm. So far, most of the summer days have been more like winter days. I don’t like the cold, but am more fearful of the hot windy days we got in January this year and am in no hurry for those days to return.

Image10 of 12 – Every time I think I can put the clothes airer away, it rains on washing day and out it comes again. And stays for weeks.Image 11 of 12 – I made this tree a few years ago and Juniordwarf has taken on the job of changing the numbers. It’s about as Christmassy as I get.

Image12 of 12 – The art of Robert Lopshire. Juniordwarf’s class has looked at several artists this year like Monet, Matisse and Miro. Then they did their own artworks in the style of the artists they’ve studied and had them displayed in blocks around the classroom. At teddy school they’ve done the same thing. A couple of weeks ago teddy school looked at Robert Lopshire, who is a children’s author and illustrator. He’s written books like Put Me in the Zoo, which are part of Juniordwarf’s Dr Seuss library. So the teddies drew their own interpretation of the illustrations from the book, and they are now stuck up on the wall in our own art gallery.Image

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