P365 Day 89 – peppermint slice

This is one of my favourite things . . . a peppermint slice from the Salamanca Bakehouse in Hobart.

When I was studying at uni, I used to love the peppermint slices from the Ref. They were huge square things with a hard biscuit type base, a lot of peppermint icing and a thin crunchy chocolate top. I think they cost about 90 cents, which probably shows how long ago my uni days were.

The delightful little treat pictured above is a lot smaller than the chunks they used to sell at the Ref. It will set you back $2.90, but it’s a completely different experience to what I’d been used to. It’s the ‘gourmet’ version, and now I’ve had it I can’t go back to the other ones.

It has a more cakey, soft base, a generous dollop of peppermint icing and a chewy, gooey, almost fudgy, soft thick chocolate topping. It’s a very rich slice, and the serving size is – well you wouldn’t want it to be any bigger.

I don’t have them very often, but when I do it’s a real treat.

Just what I needed today after a morning of staring at spreadsheets.

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