P365 – Day 333 – boats!

A while ago Juniordwarf made some boats out of milk cartons at daycare and Slabs helped him put sails on them and let him sail them in the bath.
Well at least one of the boats is still lying around (without the sails), and today Juniordwarf decided that he was going to sail it in the bath again.
(This might stem from the fact that he seems to have taken up having baths again, having refused for months and months, ever since the water ran dirty one day after some work had been done on the pipes and made him terrified of baths. The other day he had a bath with Slabs, loved it and is all keen to get back in – and practise his swimming at the same time.)
Next thing I knew he’d cut up some paper for sails and was in the cupboards looking for skewers to use as masts and blue tack to stick them in.
Once the boat was completed, I had to run some water in the bath tub for him so he could sail his boat, as well as the toy Spirit of Tasmania he picked up on one of our trips.
At least that kept him busy for a few minutes.

I never did get my puppet show, or my beans, though.

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