P365 – Day 302 – a pirate? or a worm? …. a boat? or a car? (29/10/2011)

Part of Juniordwarf’s ‘pirate uniform’ is an eye patch.
He puts it on and walks around saying he he’s only got one eye. A bit like the Wonky Donkey
He actually has two eye patches because one got (ahem) misplaced and he needed it for his birthday, so we had to procure another one at short notice.
Of course the other one turned up, as most things do – after you need them.
Now that he has two, Juniordwarf wears both the eye patches. He says he has no eyes, because his eyes got chopped off.
Sounds painful.
He asked if there was anything that didn’t have eyes, and the only thing we could think of was a worm. So when he’s wearing the eye patches, he says he’s a worm.
He also has a story book where the character play a pirate game, and use an upside down table as their pirate ship. Today he decided he wanted to do that, so he brought his little table into the lounge room, turned it upside down, loaded his favourite teddies onto it and off they sailed.
Except somehow the boat turned into a car that had run out of petrol, so I’m not sure where they were. I thought that maybe they’d sailed down the River Derwent and got stuck at the Bridgewater Bridge. 
In any case, they were lucky the boat is able to be transformed into something else at the drop of a hat.
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