P36 – Day 211 – cherry ripe (30/07/2011)

This morning we went out for coffee and cake at our friends’ coffee shop. 
Juniordwarf usually gets a babycino (he has his own coffee loyalty card) and one of the yummy slices. His favourite is the cherry ripe slice. He used to eat it all, but recently has taken to just nibbling the chocolate off and leaving the rest of it.
As a result his face and hands end up covered in chocolate.
Last time he did that, we suggested that he have the chocolate slice (which is a gluten-free chocolate brownie) instead, since he didn’t actually eat the slice.
But he said no, he wanted the cherry one. Well, he wanted the chocolate from it.

It ended up looking like this.

I had the chocolate one, served warm so that it was practically melting, with cream. It was utterly divine.
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