P365 – Day 128 mothers day

I had a lovely day today, despite being a bit knocked about by a lingering cold that I thought had almost gone, but that made a triumphant return to my life this morning.
Juniordwarf gave me a little stash of presents, which he helped me to open. (What that means is he said he’d help me open them, and then he proceeded to open them himself).
Slabs brought me coffee in bed, then a few minutes later Juniordwarf walked in, very carefully carrying the breakfast tray with my breakfast on it that he’d made (this cooking training is coming in handy!).
I was touched. It’s the first time I’ve had a Mothers Day breakfast in bed, and the look on his face when he walked in the room, with Slabs not too far behind helping him, was something I won’t forget. He was concentrating intensely and he looked so proud of himself.
It really made my day.
I was going to put the flowers he made me at school on my magnetic whiteboard to inspire me when I’m being crafty, but Juniordwarf told me they had to go on the fridge. He was very insistent about it, even though I said they were my present and I should be able to put them wherever I wanted to.
His response was ‘I’m sorry Mum, but they have to go on the fridge.’ He was very serious about it. I think his teacher might have suggested putting them on the fridge when the kids made them and Juniordwarf has interpreted this as being an instruction as to where they must go.
So rather than argue with him, I used it as an opportunity to take down a few pieces of old artwork and put the flowers in their place. And when my mother came to see us, he was very excited to show them to her in their new home.
He’s wonderful and I love being his mum. 
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