P365 – Day 117 empty house

Last time I took Sleepydog to the vet for her checkup, I mentioned that she’d been hobbling a bit for a day or two and then she’d be fine. It never seemed serious, wasn’t causing her any discomfort and only ever lasted a couple of days, so I didn’t think it needed immediate attention.

It didn’t. The vet said it was most likely that her cruciate ligament was tearing a bit, starting to heal and then tearing a bit more. He said Sleepydog would be fine, until the day it tore completely, which was inevitable once the damage had started.

So it was just a waiting game.

It finally happened over the weekend. Yesterday Sleepydog could no longer walk on her injured leg and was hopping round on three legs. It was quite a distressing sight.

Slabs took her to the vet yesterday afternoon and she went in for surgery this morning. We’ll pick her up tomorrow, but tonight it’s weird having no dog at home.

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