P365 – Day 195 – my hair’s messy, i need a hair cut

Juniordwarf decided last week that his hair was getting too long and he needed a haircut. So Slabs booked him in to their regular barber after school today.

Juniordwarf was very excited about getting his hair cut, and even told his teacher yesterday that his hair was messy and he had to get it cut.

He loves going to the barber, because the barber has a little dog that Juniordwarf absolutely adores. Oh, and because he gets some jellybeans after his hair cut.

He also thinks it’s really cool to get gel in his hair and have his hair spiked up at the end.

Naturally I wanted to get a nice photo to show his grandparents how cute he looked, and naturally he didn’t want to have his photo taken. So after about 16 unsuccessful attempts in various locations on the way home, I gave up and decided I’d have to be a bit creative with one of the less terrible photos I did get.

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