P365 Day 107 – hot chocolate

I think I mentioned a few weeks ago how Juniordwarf has started to do a lot of things now that he wasn’t doing before.
He’s been helping me cook his Sunday night cheesy noodles for quite a while now, and he’s getting really good at pouring the milk into the pot to make the cheese sauce a little bit at a time. We also cook ANZACs every Tuesday for him to have at recess at school. He pretty much knows the recipe off by heart now and knows what goes in where and when. His version of rolling the dough into balls is (1) eating as much as he can get away with and (2) mushing handfuls of it together and throwing it down onto the biscuit tray.
Fairly typical four-year-old cooking, I think.
A few weeks ago he wanted hot chocolate for afternoon tea. I’m not sure why. I can’t remember if it’s because I was going to have some, or because he’d had some at the coffee shop and wanted more, or if he’d seen the tin and wanted to know what it was.
Whatever the reason, he wanted it and it’s now become one of his favourite drinks. And of course, he has to help make it
The first couple of times we made it the only hot chocolate we had was a tiny of extremely delightful chilli hot chocolate that my sister-in-law first introduced me to and which I get as a very occasional treat for myself. (Don’t knock it until you try it, it has this divine chocolate taste, followed by a slight chilli aftertaste.)
I was worried that it might be too hot for Juniordwarf, but he seemed to like it (damn!). I didn’t buy any more, so we were without hot chocolate the next Tuesday. The local supermarket doesn’t stock anything like it, so I had to buy a plain one. Juniordwarf was very concerned that it wasn’t the hot one, but I told him I’d get some more (on a day to be determined), which hasn’t happened yet).
So every time he wants hot chocolate he observes that we still don’t have the other one, but he’s more than happy to have this one, and to help make it. For him, this involves getting the milk out of the fridge, taking the lid off the hot chocolate, dipping his finger in and eating the chocolate powder. Oh, and stirring the milk as it heats on the stove and tipping (most of) the chocolate in the spoon into the pot. (The rest goes all over the stove top . . . )

As I said, typical four-year-old cooking!
These are his cheesy grin photos. It was one of those days where he had to ham it up for every photo.
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