P365 Day 104 – an umbrella party

And on the third day there was . . .  more rain.

It’s not real rain. At least where I’ve been it’s not. I won’t speak for the areas of the state that are in flood at the moment.

But what I mean is it’s not pelting down and making being outside unbearable to the extent that I feel like I don’t want to go out. It’s that very fine, (not quite but almost) misty rain. It’s not enough for me to feel like I need an umbrella, but if I’m out in it long enough, I get quite soaked. So a rain coat with a hood is doing the trick. Then when I walk into a patch of rain that’s a bit heavier – there seem to be these random heavier rain spots – out comes the brolly.

I like this rain. It feels refreshing. It’s not particularly cold and it’s not been overly windy (except in patches) so it’s not unpleasant to be out in. If anything, it makes me want to go outside more.

At home, and on the way to work, I like looking up at the hills and seeing them shrouded in cloud. It looks the way I think a mythical world would look. I want to take photos, but there hasn’t been the opportunity and I really don’t think my camera could capture the essence of what I’m seeing, even if I did get the chance to take any pictures.

Sometimes it’s eerie, I suppose even otherworldly. It’s such a contrast to the heat of summer, which I hate and which saps me of my energy (not that we really had a summer this year, and even if we did have, Tassie isn’t one of the world’s hot spots).

It’s also made me wish I’d dug up my potatoes before now . . .

Today’s picture is what I called our ‘umbrella party’ at work.

I bought Juniordwarf an umbrella yesterday since he’d insisted on pinching mine every time we went out in the rain. He was incredibly excited to get it and has been practising putting it up and taking it down ever since.

Every time we come to a gateway or a doorway, he says ‘the gate/door is too white’ (he means ‘wide’, of course, but hasn’t quite learned the word), and dutifully puts his umbrella down. I find the whole process very sweet.

Juniordwarf had his umbrella with him when we went to school, and I took it with me to work so he wouldn’t get distracted by it at school or end up losing it. I needed mine in a couple of spots on the way to work too, so they were both a bit wet. When I got to work I couldn’t resist adding our umbrellas to what seems to have become the designated umbrella drying area.

People walking past found the scene very amusing, especially the ‘little baby umbrella’.

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