P365 – Day 331 – i could write a lot about my bad day . . .

. . . but I won’t. It would all be ranty, venty stuff.
Instead I will focus on something good.
I know Juniordwarf is only five, and he’s only in Kinder and there shouldn’t be too much pressure on him and he will learn and develop at his own pace, and we just have to support and encourage him, not push him.
But it has occurred to both me and Slabs – independently of each other – that when it comes to reading, he’s a lot more capable than he lets on. We thought that a few fun activities to encourage him to work things out for himself rather than keep asking us to tell him things that we are fairly sure he could figure out if he tried, might not be a bad thing.
So we’ve signed up for a trial period for an online reading program, which he started earlier in the week.
So far it’s going really well and Juniordwarf is having a lot of fun with it. We think it’s great because he’s learning basic reading and spelling skills to reinforce what he’s doing at school and learning how to use a computer at the same time. All while he’s having fun.
I loved watching him enjoy himself this morning. 
His favourite parts are where he deliberately makes a mistake and gets told (in an amusing way) that he got the wrong answer.
Also today, despite the forecast of rain, it was a nice day, so we had no excuse not to get out in the yard and continue the never-ending task of clearing out the jungle, the undergrowth and the stickyweed.
These photos will serve as reminders of how far we’ve come over upcoming weeks as this thankless task continues.
Vege garden hell
Comfrey – I know it’s good for compost, but this is ridiculous
Stickyweed and feral grapevine
Most of the stickyweed has gone.
Also, if anyone knows what I should do with my feral grape vine, please let me know. 
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