P365 – Day 74 brushing the dog

While I was brushing Sleepydog this morning, Juniordwarf said he wanted to help.

So he did.

I was thinking today how nice it is that he can, and does, help with some tasks around the house (brushing the dog being an exception).
He’s been helping with the washing for a long time now. He puts the clothes in the machine, puts the powder in and presses the start button once I’ve programmed the machine. Then at the end of the cycle he gets all the clothes out and puts them in the basket.
He used to carry the recycling crate back into the yard after it had been emptied. As of last week, he takes the wheelie bin as well. 
As you saw yesterday, he’s started to help out in the kitchen. In fact, whenever I go to cook something, he gets his stepladder out to ‘help’. He likes to stir things and tip things in. He also likes to eat the work in progress (what kid doesn’t?).
He feeds Sleepydog, and she’s even starting to listen to him when he tells her to sit, and then when it’s OK to eat. 
And he loves to vacuum. Mainly over and over on the same spot, but still he’s getting the hang of it.
The only thing I wish he’d do is to keep his stuff packed away, or at least off the floor where we walk. 
I know people with older kids are going to tell me to enjoy the helpful phase because it won’t last forever. That’s fine – I’m just hoping his helpful skills will develop a bit more before they start to decline. 
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