P365 – Day 287 – banking (14/10/2011)

A couple of years ago I set up a bank account for Juniordwarf, and each week when we went up the street he’d deposit a small amount of money into it.

Last year we didn’t do it as often because our schedules changed and we didn’t do the big tour of the main street like we used to, so we didn’t get to the bank very often.

Now he’s at school, I thought he should change his account over to a school bank account and get back into the habit of saving some money. When he did his kinder orientation at the end of last year, the application forms for the bank were included in the information pack we got.

Being the organised person that I am, I put in the application for his new account last week.

Today everything arrived in the post, so it’s all set up and he can start banking next week.

School banking has changed a lot from when I went to school. As far as I can tell, now the kids just take their money to school with a deposit slip and the school does it all electronically.

Back in the olden days, one of the bank tellers used to come to our school once a week and sit in the hall, and we’d go out with our passbooks to do our banking. We’d hand over our money, which, from memory, for me started out at 10 cents, but then went up to 20 cents, and the teller would enter that amount in the passbook, so we’d always know exactly how much money we had in our account.

I think that somewhere in my clutter stash of memorabilia I still have my very first bank book. 

And I can remember taking out the grand sum of $25 to buy my very first budgie, cage and accessories. That put a fair dent in my savings!

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