P365 – Day 354 – on the bus (and the year in review 1/12)

Juniordwarf doesn’t travel on buses very often, so he gets very excited whenever he gets the chance for a bus trip.
The first few times, he sat right up the front in the seat behind the bus driver. If you haven’t sat in that set before, let me tell you that there is not much leg room for anyone bigger than, well, a school kid.
After that wore off, he decided that sitting down the back was more fun, as was having an entire seat to himself and moving between seats during the trip.
Today we decided to go into town to do some shopping and meet Santa. Last year, rather than park in town, we went on Hobart Council’s shopper shuttle service where you can park at the Regatta Ground and catch a free shuttle bus into the city. Even though it was only a five minute ride, Juniordwarf loved the fact that we went on the bus.
He was very keen to do it again this year, so we did.
On the way in, he sat up the back.
On the way back he sat on one of the side-facing seats, which he was particularly taken with, because we were ‘going sideways’. So that was a bit different. (He’d also been fascinated, on his class visit to the Transport Museum recently, how some people sit facing backwards in a train.)
We saw Santa, he had an ice cream and we got some shopping done.
I think he enjoyed himself.
And now for something completely different. This:
2011 in review: Month 1/12

Since my Project 365 is rapidly coming to an end – there are 12 days left – I’m going post a link to my favourite post from each month since the start of the year over those 12 days.
Today, we return to January, and one of my very first blog posts. 
It’s about an event that I was terrified of attending, and very nearly didn’t, but was so glad I did because it helped me to believe in myself and my ability to go out and talk to people. I think that going set me up for a lot of the changes I’ve made over the course of the year.
Tomorrow: February

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