P365 – Day 71 shaved

Our local community radio station organised a World’s Greatest Shave event today. Slabs is a board member of the radio station, as well as being a presenter.

For anyone not familiar with this event, it is a national fundraiser organised by the Leukaemia Foundation to raise funds for supporting patients with leukaemia and other blood disorders, as well as funding for blood cancer research. It’s been an annual event since 1998.

The idea is that people commit to shaving (or colouring) their hair and get sponsorship for doing it.

A local hairdresser donated her morning to shave and colour the participants’ hair. Local councillors and radio station team members signed up to get their hair shaved or coloured, and community members were invited to donate and participate as well. Slabs and his radio colleague (who is currently searching for an appropriate nickname) manned the sausage sizzle during the event.

Bizarre colours were the order of the day, with Slabs being one of the few who actually went for the full shave and colour option.

Here is his transformation.

And here’s Juniordwarf checking out his Dad’s new hairdo. 
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