P365 – Day 284 – moonwatch

Juniordwarf has recently become rather obsessed with the album Tubular Bells III by Mike Oldfield
It all started when he was watching a movie I’d made of our holiday to the mainland to visit relatives and friends when he was seven months old. One of the tracks I used on the soundtrack was a track called The Top of the Morning from that album.

He loved it, and when he found out he could listen to it on my computer and my phone, he was delighted, and insisted on me playing it for him at every opportunity.

The scene from the movie where the track is played is one where I’m holding him, rocking on Aunty Purple Bee’s rocker. Lil Sis is filming, and she says ‘Mummy and Juniordwarf on Aunty Purple Bee’s Rocker, filmed by Aunty Lil Sis’.

So when we were visiting Aunty Purple Bee last month, Juniordwarf and I sat on the rocker and played the song on the phone, and to complete the re-enactment, had Slabs film us. Juniordwarf said, ‘Mummy and Juniordwarf on Aunty Purple Bee’s Rocker, filmed by Dad.’

So I’m expecting that he’s going to want that scene – together with the track – on the movie of this year’s holiday. If I ever get around to doing it.

We also have a DVD of the concert of the premiere live performance of Tubular Bells III, which Juniordwarf also loves. I’d never considered Mike Oldfield’s music to be dance music, but as soon as The Top of the Morning comes on, he’s off the couch, jumping up and down and running around the room. (I think that’s his version on dancing.)

The next track on the album, which runs on from The Top of the Morning, is called Moonwatch. Juniordwarf likes that track too, though it doesn’t have the same appeal as his favourite track.

Tonight at bed time, he kissed me and instead of saying ‘goodnight’, he said, ‘Moonwatch Mum’.

When I went outside to get the washing in, there was a beautiful almost-full moon coming up over the hill. I tried to take a photo of it with my phone, but there are limitations on what the phone camera can do in low light and at long distances. A bit later I tried again with the moon coming out from behind the clouds, but that was no better.

Never mind. It was a beautiful moon.

Moonwatch everyone.
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