P365 – Day 35 another coffee cup

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about my work coffee mug.

So here’s another one.
This is a BYO reusable silicone coffee cup that you can take back to your local coffee outlet each time you buy a coffee, instead of using the disposable cups.

According to its manufacturer’s press release, it is ‘designed to look exactly like a take-away coffee cup. It’s, light, flexible and will withstand 200 degree heat. It keeps your coffee warm yet it’s cool to the touch’.

Apparently the ‘break-even point’ for these cups, which is the point that the energy required to make them is less than the energy required to make the equivalent number of paper cups is ten uses. And if you return it to the manufacturer after it’s finished its useful life, they will send it on to a silicone recycler. Yay!

There’s an interesting quote on the lid: ‘Sometimes you have to turn left to go right’. That intrigued me. I wondered whether it was some kind of bizarre political statement, or what it meant.

When I went to the manufacturer’s website it all made sense. The manufacturer is Hookturn Industries

Thank you http://www.travelpod.com/ for the picture
This is a Melbourne-based collective, and the name comes from the signs advising drivers of the hookturns that they have to do in Melbourne when turning right across tram tracks.

You have to turn left to go right. 

Of course.

Now it makes perfect sense.

I bought my cup from Redbean in Hobart, which as far as I know, is one of only three places in Tasmania that stocks them. I thought it looked cool (as well as the red, there are colours that look more like takeaway coffee cups) and I like the fact that not only was my first coffee free, I also get 20 cents off each coffee. So it should pay for itself in, well, about 60 coffees.

At one coffee a week, that’s about a year. 

In the meantime, I get the pleasure of drinking coffee out of a bright cheerful red cup, and anything that brightens up my morning is all right by me.

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