12 of 12 July 2014

We stayed in Hobart last night with family after a lovely dinner out with Lil Sis and Mr Tall, child-free, which we decided was a belated birthday celebration for Slabs. Six months belated, give or take a few days, but who’s counting?

A recovery breakfast was in order.

1 of 12 – We parked near the doomed building, 10 Murray Street. The deconstruction site over the back has been vacant for quite a few weeks now. It still looks strange to be able to see through to Salamanca Place from Murray Street.

20140712-01B 10 Murray

2 of 12 – I switched to long blacks a few months ago and haven’t gone back to milky coffee.

20140712-03 Harbour Lights

3 of 12 – Juniordwarf wanted to take a picture of his drink as well.

20140712-04A Harbour Lights

4 of 12 – When we go out for breakfast, Juniordwarf’s usual order is the “Big Breakfast” or equivalent. He usually eats all of it, because he’s a “growing boy”. (More than once, we’ve had the wait staff bring me the Big Breakfast and been surprised that it’s for him. Less so now he’s older, and not today.)

20140712-05A Harbour Lights

5 of 12 – The Big Breakfast is never for me.

20140712-06 Harbour Lights

6 of 12 – We went for a wander around Salamanca Market and picked up some vegetables while we were there. (Note snow on the Mountain.)

20140712-07B Salamanca

7 of 12 – We were running low on firewood, and saw a ute load on the side of the road on our way home, so we stopped to call the guy. He was actually in the ute at the time, followed us home and we now have wood.

20140712-08B Wood

8 of 12 – Um. Hair of the dog? Not recommended.

20140712-09 Lemon Aid

9 of 12 – Flywheel is my favourite shop in our town. It’s full of vintage stationery products and an old letterpress that they use to produce a great range of printed products. I recently bought a new refillable notebook from there (I’m sure you’ll hear more about this a bit later on) and I want to find some little bits to personalise it, so I spent an hour or so this afternoon browsing some of our antique shops. Of course I ended up in Flywheel. As I so often do.

20140712-10B Flywheel

(Bonus picture: they have put together these beautiful gift wrap packs and I might have bought one and I might need to remember their ideas for putting gift wrap together.)

20140712-10A Flywheel

10 of 12 – Juniordwarf no longer re-enacts Ben and Holly with the teddies. He now does the Faraway Tree series of books. The entire book, chapter by chapter. The teddies are spread around the house in their various locations, including Mr Watzisname and Saucepan Man on two chairs. The three teddies in the picture are Jo, Bessie and Fanny. But he insists on using the “modernised” names Joe, Beth and Frannie, because these are the names that they use in the You Tube videos he found . . . even though he’s reading out of the books with the original names. I have a headache.

20140712-11A The Enchanted Wood

11 of 12 – To steal a phrase from one of my Twitter friends, Lasagnapalooza!

20140712-12 Lasagne

12 of 12 – Juniordwarf and I bought some armwarmers from Mongrel Socks at the market yesterday. He wore his to bed “like socks” last night.

20140712-13 Arm Warmers