P365 – Day 30 fun at the farm bar

Just outside Hayes, on the Lyell Highway, you will find the Two Metre Tall Company
Two Metre Tall is a micro-brewery located on a cattle farm, which brews a range of Real Ales and Real Ciders, including the glorious Poire, which I could drink all day if finances weren’t an issue and I didn’t care too much about my liver.
(I’m not going to rehash stuff from their website about the farm and the brewery on here – but do go and check it out. It’s an interesting read.)
The brewery owners, Jane and Ashley (whose impressive height inspired the name Two Metre Tall), run a regular Friday afternoon ‘Farm Bar’ session, complete with hand pumped ale and cider, music and a BBQ. You can bring your own picnic or BBQ or purchase some of Two Metre Tall’s glorious beer-fed beef sausages or burgers.
Slabs and I first went to a Friday Farm Bar last year when Lil Sis and Mr Tall were visiting and thoroughly enjoyed it. Only problem is, Friday’s a work day and I don’t get home until late, so it’s never been a goer for us unless we’re on holidays.
In response to requests from punters such as us, Ashley and Jane decided to open up the bar on a Sunday so that people who couldn’t get there on Friday afternoons could attend, and they scheduled three Sundays to see how it goes.
In the end, the afternoon turned into a mini-tweetup, with some of my Twitter friends getting in on the action as well, so it was great fun to meet some more people I’d only ever talked to online. Juniordwarf had a blast running round with another couple’s little boy (I wonder if there is a term for a twitterer’s children? Twitkids sounds kind of wrong) and the Forester Real Ale and the beer-fed beef patties were just what I needed. (Refer to point (4) in the previous post.)
It was a lovely way to spend a couple of hours and I definitely want to go back again.
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