P365 Day 112 – singing in the rain

Today’s post is a bit of a follow-on from yesterday’s.
We invited some friends over for a BBQ today. Because our house isn’t exactly set up for entertaining, we spent the afternoon outside.
The weather wasn’t exactly BBQ weather. Actually it was one of those classic ‘four seasons in one day’ days.
The funny thing about that was that whenever the weather changed, Juniordwarf raced inside to change the weather icon on his calendar. So it went from ‘cloudy’ to ‘raining’ to ‘sunny’ to ‘raining’ to ‘cloudy’ . . . and sometimes all three at once. I think he even threw ‘foggy’ in there a couple of times as well.
He was thrilled that it rained because he finally got to use his umbrella.
Also, my beer got an insect in it. I hope the lemon tree likes beer.

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