12 of 12 January 2014

I was introduced to 12 of 12 by my friend Snuva, who has been doing this for ages.

All you do is take 12 photos of your life on the 12th of each month. Some days will be mundane, even boring, and totally normal, others will be exciting and something unusual will happen. But, much like the 365 project and the 52 project, you’ll have a neat record of your life as it happened – in 10 years time (or maybe even next year!) you will have forgotten what was ‘normal’ in 2014.

I’m finding this a lot easier to keep up with than the 365 project, though on some days it’s been a stretch to find 12 things to take photos of.

So for the first time in 2014, here we go.

Sunday 12 January 2014. We stayed home all day apart from a few errands. It was hot and windy.

1 of 12 – Today’s forecast doesn’t look too bad compared to the rest of the week.

Image2 of 12 – Juniordwarf learned to use the coffee machine at the end of the year and now he insists on making all of the coffees all of the time. Most of the time he does a pretty good job, but sometimes things go a bit pear-shaped.

Image3 of 12 – Juniordwarf has been doing a show on our local community radio station for almost 18 months. Lately, on the weeks I’ve been taking him in to the station, he’s wanted me to be a guest on his show. I have reluctantly agreed.

Image4 of 12 – I finally got the strawberries (and a stray squash) in the ground a couple of weeks ago. Last time they were languishing in pots.  This weekend my project was to set up the dripper hose around some of the plants. Today we went to get some straw to mulch the beds and cover over the hose.

Image5 of 12 – The raspberry patch is also part of the “irrigation system”. This is one of those things where I bought the canes not really knowing where they were going to go, and then having weeks of terrible weather and not feeling like gardening before I finally managed to prepare a place for them. I’m surprised that nine of the ten are still alive. And now they’ll get some decent water, I’m hoping they’ll do OK.


6 of 12 – I posted in September about how much I love my Keshet leggings.  Keshet also has these lovely summer dresses that are made out of old saris, and which are completely reversible – so you basically get two dresses for the price of one. They’re very loose and flowing, which is not a style I’d normally choose, because they do look a bit baggy and maybe make me look a bit bigger than I am – but they are so comfortable on a hot day, and comfort trumps style!

(Note to self: clean bathroom mirror.)Image

7 of 12 – I had another flick through this book today. One of the things I found really interesting (and a bit sad too) is the number of buildings in Hobart where the old façade is still there but has been covered over by hideous looking steel sheets. (And don’t forget Find Me Friday from my last post: go out and find where the photo was taken!)

Image8 of 12 – Preparing to go “tenting”. I like my comforts.

Image9 of 12 – It felt hotter.

Image10 of 12 – Juniordwarf was given a kids video camera for Xmas. Here he is filming the teddies at the party we had this afternoon. It was a fantastic party: four courses, including laksa (with a garlic bread dipper); cheesy noodles (which is what we actually had for dinner); ham, a pork chop and a bread roll; and ice cream for dessert.

Image11 of 12 – Cheesy macaroni, pancetta and pecorino bake – aka cholesterol and carb fest – for dinner. A recipe from Delicious magazine from a couple of years ago that someone on Twitter posted a picture of and I had to try. ¼ cup of wine for the recipe, one glass for me. Fair enough?

Image12 of 12 – The budgies. They are changing quite a lot as they grow and are becoming a lot easier to tell apart.


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