find me friday returns

Way back when I’d just started this blog, almost exactly three years ago, I wrote a post about how much I enjoyed looking up at the old buildings in Hobart (that post is here).

That post inspired me to start what was going to be a regular feature on my blog on Fridays, called Find Me Friday (you can see the first one here).  The idea of this feature was that I’d post a photo of part of a building or sign or some landmark in Hobart and it would be over to you to see if you knew where it was, or if you could find it.

The next Friday I’d post the answer and a new picture for you to identify.

That was the idea anyway.

I think it lasted three or four weeks and then I lost interest.

Or got lazy.

Or something equally as lame.

But today I thought it might be fun to give it another go. I had a great time exploring some of Hobart’s history when I was on leave late last year, and I’ve started looking at some of the old buildings with a renewed interest.

I recently bought myself (thank you family for book vouchers) a copy of a book called Yesterday’s Hobart Today, by Colin Dennison, which was published by the Hobart City Council last year (you can find out about it here). This book has a huge collection of photos of Hobart’s old buildings as they were and as they are now – or of what has replaced them. I’m finding it fascinating to see how much of the character of some the original buildings has been retained and how many of them have been demolished or changed significantly, leaving no trace of what was originally there.

The text was written in 2011, so some of it has been overtaken by recent events, but overall it’s a book I’m really enjoying browsing through and it’s made me want to go and see for myself how some of the buildings have changed.

So, onto Find Me Friday, and I thought I’d start out the new series with something reasonably easy to find.

If you know where this is, post a comment below. Next week I’ll post the answer, and (all being well) a new place for you to find.


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