30 days of lists – day 29

I finished List 29 a few days ago, but am still thinking about List 30 – the final list for the 30 days of lists challenge.


Day 29: Next month’s plans.

Next month (is now actually this month) is going to be fantastic. I’m taking some leave to hang out with Juniordwarf in the school holidays, and then I’m taking four weeks off work to give myself a proper break.

I’m excited!

The last time I had any length of time off just for me was, well, never. I had several months off for maternity leave. Not really a break. I had a longer break when Slabs and I got married, but that was mostly spent getting married, travelling and then recovering.

So have finally listened to Me-two and I’m going to take some time to rest, relax, reassess and refocus.

I really enjoyed writing that list.

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