30 days of lists – days 5-8

A lot has been happening, so the next few days will be catchup posts.

To start with, here are the next four lists for my 30 days of lists project. (Days 1-4 are here). I’m having fun with this challenge, even though I’ve dropped a few days behind.

Day 5: Things I tend to worry about:

I tend to worry big. There wasn’t enough space to fit in all the small stuff . . . As for making mistakes, I think I have to re-read my own post on the subject several times. One day it might sink in.

Day 6: Rules to break:

This one was hard. I’m not very good at breaking rules. But I thought of another one to break: “Keep up to date with the challenges”. 

Day 7: Today I saw:

Day 8: I changed this one to suit me (that’s one of the great things about this challenge – if you don’t like the prompts you can change them). It was originally “childhood chores”, but I though it would be more interesting to make it more current, so it has become “Saturday chores”:

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