P365 – Day 349 – silly season

According to Juniordwarf’s count-down tree calendar there are 10 days till Xmas.
Normally by this time of the year we’ve finished all our shopping, sent our Xmas cards, and mailed our gifts to our interstate relatives.
As of today we haven’t written in any Xmas cards or even wrapped any presents, much less posted them.
I’m not sure why, because this is one area where I like to be on top of things and get everything out of the way early.
This year, Xmas has kind of snuck up on me and I’m not ready for it. Maybe because I’ve been so busy at work up until now, I haven’t had time to think about it.
It feels even less like Xmas this year than it has done at the same time other years, even though Juniordwarf is the most excited he’s ever been. My lack of interest doesn’t seem to be having any effect on him, which is good. I’d hate to be putting a dampener on his experience. I want to make a bit of an effort to be enthusiastic now, so I can enjoy this time with him.
However, before I put on my enthusiastic face, tonight will be a frenzy of wrapping, writing on cards and packing up boxes.
If you look closely in amongst the cards, you might see some very cool cards by my friend Samedog, who designs some wonderful Xmas cards, and some equally wonderful tshirts. Go and buy some!

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