P365 – Day 348 – graduation (14/12/2011)

Lil Sis and I attended our mother’s university graduation ceremony tonight.
This is not the first time she has graduated from a university course. We counted up at least seven qualifications that she has.
Lifelong learning indeed.
Well done Mum!
Every now and then (and especially when other people talk about their study or their study plans or I see a brochure about a course) a thought enters into my head that I’d like to do some further study.
My most recent period of university study was 15 years ago and I think it would be nice to have some more recent qualifications.
I quickly come back to reality when I realise I don’t even have time to keep the house tidy, and it’s taken me five years to figure out how to make time to exercise.
When I was doing my most recent course, I was working full time. I managed to get through it on a part-time basis, but it was very hard work fitting everything in, and I can remember asking myself at the time why I was doing this to myself.
And this was when I was single and living in a small apartment by myself.
Now I’m working, I have a family and a house, a garden, a reasonably long commute to work, and I’ve been very unkind to myself over the intervening years.
How in the hell would I find time to study?
I know it can be done. I know people who do it.
But where I am right now, it’s just not the right time. If I do go back to study, I need to make sure it’s what I really want to do, not just a vague thought that it would be nice.
Also, as I’ve been coming through a fairly hard couple of years personally, I don’t want to push myself back down again by putting myself under too much pressure.
So this will be an idea that can sit on the backburner until I’m ready to take it forward. If I ever am.
And, of course, if I can ever actually afford it!

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