P365 – Day 343 – downpour

I got held up at work today. Luckily Slabs was taking Juniordwarf to get his hair cut and buy a present for his friend’s birthday, and by the time I’d finished everything I had to do, so had they, and we were all ready to leave at about the same time.
If I’d left work at the normal time, I would have been warm and dry. But at about 4.00 there was huge downpour that left me completely soaked to the skin as I made my way to where we were supposed to meet.
(Sensible me would have called Slabs and asked him to come and get me. But I didn’t even think of it.)
It was actually nice to be caught in the rain. It was still quite warm, and the rain was those huge soft rain drops that are really refreshing. So at the time I didn’t care too much. It was the sort of rain that if I’d been at home and not carrying expensive equipment like my video camera (required for Juniordwarf’s school assembly), I might have even gone outside and stood in, just for the sake of it.
By the time I met Slabs and Juniordwarf at the car, the rain had stopped. They were completely dry, and I had to sit in the car all the way home in soaking wet clothes. That wasn’t quite as nice.
We also got caught in another almighty downpour on the way home. This was one I’m glad I wasn’t outside in.

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