P365 – Day 340 – 19 days til xmas

A few years ago, in a rare fit of Xmas nostalgia, I bought a ‘beyond the page’ wooden Xmas tree from Kaisercraft. 
Kaiser had a few example trees on their website and in their workshop magazine, but they all looked a bit too, well, Christmassy. (Yes, it is a “Christmas” product, designed especially to count down the days until 25 December, so um . . .  if you don’t like Christmas stuff, why did you buy it?)
Not being a huge fan of the traditional seasonal decorations (cue blog post on why I shall call the 25 December festival whatever I want to, and how I find it weird to be doing wintery stuff in the middle of summer*, and how I rather despise fake snow), I wanted to make mine look a bit more ‘summery’. So I went for red and gold colours to look a bit like the sun. It didn’t really work – it still looks Xmassy. Never mind. At least it doesn’t have fake snow!
This year is the first time Juniordwarf has really been interested in the festive season, and he has designated himself as the official day changer on the tree.

I’ve also come up with some grand plans for the seasonal tree that we’ll be decorating soon. The plans don’t include snow or holly. I might be persuaded to use some tinsel. Maybe.

*You wouldn’t actually know it’s summer here right now. But according to the calendar it is.

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