P365 – Day 328 – the animals and teddies are in the blue car today

When we take Juniordwarf to school in the morning, he has a few little quirky habits.

One is to tell us that “the animals and the teddies” are also driving to school, and which colour car they are driving in. Sometimes he contacts them on the “walkie talker” to find out where they are.

The animals and teddies leave home after us, and are behind us all the way, yet when we drive past their school (they go to a different school), somehow they are already there. We never see them or their car at school. He always has an excuse – maybe they’re inside; maybe they’re in the toilet (yes, they are all in the toilet at once); maybe they’re in the library . . . and so on.

Just lately, before we leave, he’s started going to his car drawer and choosing the car that the animals and the teddies drive to school in, getting it out and putting it on the floor – presumably so they can all get in. Billy the teddy is usually the driver.

We haven’t worked out how all the animals and the teddies actually fit in the car, but Juniordwarf doesn’t seem to see it as a problem.

The car stays there all day, but when we’re driving home, he’ll tell us that the animals and teddies are already home. Today they stopped off on the way home from school to have afternoon tea. They had tea and scones.

And when we got home, the car was exactly where he left it, and the animals and teddies were waiting for him.

* May not be exact location of vehicle as placed by the child. He may have put it back in the car drawer when we got home before the photo was taken. In fact, he may have refused to even leave it in place so that a photo could be taken, because the animals and teddies were home and the car didn’t need to be out any more. This is one of the few things he puts away after they are finished with. Who am I to stop him?

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