P365 – Day 307 – parent help

After having such fun last term doing parent help with Juniordwarf’s class, Slabs and I decided we’d go in as a team again today.

Today we worked with the children generating word clouds using Wordle. They had to pick an Australian animal – building on their Bonorong Park visit – and then choose some words connected to the animal. Once we (or they) had typed in the words, we generated the word clouds, scrolled through the different versions until they got a pattern they liked, and then they printed them out.

It was fun, and very interesting to see the words (or phrases) that some of Juniordwarf’s classmates came up with. My favourite was the little girl who included the phrase “dingoes eat wombats” in her word cloud.

I’m not sure what grade parent help stops at, but I’m really enjoying it. It’s great to get a first-hand look at what Juniordwarf does at school. I hope to be able to continue to go next year – and as long as he’s happy for me to go – at least one day each term like we’ve done this year.

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