P365 – Day 269 – photos

Now I’m into my last 100 days of the photo project, it’s another post about my blog, and why I’m doing it. This post is a follow-up post to this one. There will be a couple more in weeks to come.
In terms of the purpose of my blog, I don’t think anything has changed from when I started. I want to keep a pictorial record of 2011, and to try and improve my photography skills – which, using an iPhone camera, is proving to be a bit of a challenge. However, since I changed my approach and started processing the photos using the different camera apps on my phone, and converting everything to a square format, this part of the project has become a lot more fun.
At first I wasn’t very keen on the square format, which I first used in Instagram and thought was very artificial to start with. But since I started using Instagram more often and found some other square format apps, I’ve found it to be an interesting challenge. 
Most of my photos can be made to work in that format easily, a few have to be really forced into it, and a few don’t work at all. It brings back memories of my old 126 camera that I used when I was a kid, with the square photos and the fixed focal length lens (and very harsh flash), but obviously I can do so much more with these photos than I could with the old ones.
So the focus of my blog is on the photos. If you’re interested in the stories behind them – which I hope some people are – then that’s great. But if you’re not, then that’s fine too. I don’t expect everything I say to be interesting to everyone who reads it. 
I hope you like at least some of the photos.

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