P365 – Day 260 – sight-seeing and partying (17/09/2011)

We went shopping this morning, then did a bit of sight-seeing. Or rather, we went to Parliament House. 
Juniordwarf loved the water feature at the front of Parliament House, and insisted on dipping his feet in.
After that, we drove up Mount Ainslie to show Juniordwarf Canberra from above.

In the afternoon we went to Aunty Purple Bee and Uncle Tee’s house for their birthday party and to toast them as they head off overseas to get married. 

Juniordwarf was especially excited because he was going to be allowed to sleep at Aunty Purple Bee’s house instead of coming back to the motel with us.

He’s getting a lot more confident dealing with Aunty Purple Bee’s dog.

Lil Sis and Mr Tall dropped in during the night too. They’re en route to Tasmania.

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