P365 – Day 233 – dressing gown

Earlier in the week Slabs and Juniordwarf went shopping and they bought a dressing gown, which Juniordwarf was very excited about.
He took it with him to his grandmother’s place last night.
This morning we were outside doing some weeding when Juniordwarf and his grandmother arrived at our place. He got out of the car, and over the top of his clothes he was wearing his dressing gown.
Apparently he just ‘wanted to wear it’. As you do.
It conjured up images of old men in smoking jackets retiring to their oak-panelled studies, puffing on their pipes and sipping cognac.
Or Hugh Heffner.
He wandered around with it on for a while, chasing a ball that he found in the garden, calling his school friend on his toy phone and helping us with the weeding. (No, not really.)
Then he decided he wanted to take it off, and that was the end of that.

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