P365 – Day 187 – disco fever!

Juniordwarf had been anticipating today for a couple of weeks.
His school had a disco for all the kids after school – littlies at 3.15 and the big kids at 4.15.
For $5 the kids got entry, pizza, a drink and a disco with a DJ – and a glitter ball and a bubble machine.
Juniordwarf was really looking forward to it, and kept telling us all about how he was going to have pizza and a drink. He seemed more excited about the pizza than the actual dance.
I went along to help set up beforehand, which involved cutting up fruit and blowing up balloons.
I’d love to say that Juniordwarf had a wonderful time, danced himself into a frenzy and that I got a lot of cool photos, but that’s not how it went down. He had a good time, he danced a little bit and he was one of the first in line for the pizza when it arrived (and tried to sneak back for a second piece, but was cruelly intercepted by his eagle-eyed mother).
Most of the time he spent following his ‘best friend’ (who has been his best friend for about two weeks) around, and I’m not sure if his friend was trying to get away from Juniordwarf or was just not interested in dancing, but they spent a lot of the time walking through the throng of jumping noisy kids.
The times Juniordwarf actually danced, he looked like he was enjoying himself, and it was great to see him smiling. He particularly loved the bubble machine.
So my picture today is the disco ball shining on the ceiling.
Groovy hey.

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