P365 – Day 144 the final cooking class

Today was the last of Juniordwarf’s four cooking classes.

We made meatballs, fruit skewers and a very creamy berry dessert. Juniordwarf was very proud of his fruit skewer, even though he ended up eating more marshmallows than fruit.
Left: “Oh no, Mum’s taking more photos This IS a
smile, Mum.” Right: “Amazing!”
After everyone had finished for the day, there was a little presentation where the children all got their own kids cookbooks, a bound copy of all the recipes we’d cooked (personalised with their photo on the front) and a certificate for completing the class. Juniordwarf was very excited to get a ‘tificate’ and insisted I stick it on the wall near the dining table so he can look at it while he’s having breakfast.
It was a really useful and fun activity for Juniordwarf and I to be involved with, and we learned a lot. I’m grateful that we were able to participate. Thank you to the Salvation Army for this fantastic opportunity.
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