P365 – Day 141 12 layouts in 5 hours? I can(‘t) do that! (21/05/2011)

Today I went to a scrapbooking workshop at one of the nearby scrapbooking shops.
The workshop was called ‘12 layouts in 5 hours’, and the idea was that you get the instructions for the layouts in advance, prepare your supplies, go to the class and assemble the 12 pages.
Of course, as with most scrapbooking, we were free to interpret the examples in any way we wanted to and didn’t have to follow the instructions exactly – after all they are our layouts so they need to work for us.
But the idea of having instructions and examples is that it should make it easier to complete the layouts instead of having to spend hours trying to work out what to put on the page and where everything should go.
During the week I gathered supplies, went through boxes of photos, went to the local scrapbooking shop to buy more supplies, printed more photos and tried to organise everything so I’d be ready to go today.
I ended up having a pretty good day. I bought a lot more stuff because once I got there and laid everything out I didn’t like some of the stuff I’d brought with me, and I hadn’t got all the embellishments for all of the layouts anyway.
After five hours my tally was: eight pages started, no pages completed, but several well advanced layouts, which I was able to finish tonight when I had access to the rest of my stash.
So it wasn’t the raging success I’d hoped, but I did have a great time meeting some new people and I loved having five hours of uninterrupted time to scrapbook, which hardly ever happens at home!
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