P365 – Day 134 open & closed

Juniordwarf is very interested in when shops open and close. He can read the words ‘open’ and ‘closed’ on shop signs.
On Tuesday we went to a few shops while we were out, and in almost every one, he asked the person in the shop what time the shop closed. So on the way out, we’d have a look at the opening and closing times in the shop window, and he’d look at the signs and we’d discuss how the sign that said ‘open’ would get turned around to say ‘closed’ when the shop closed.
We walked past one shop where the ‘c’ was covered by another sign, so he thought it was hilarious that the word on the sign was ‘losed’.
He keeps talking about his ‘shop’ being open, and it being closed (and likes to walk around turning the lights off when the shop is closed, and on when it’s open). Last night Slabs printed off the words ‘open’ and ‘closed’ and stuck them to a shoebox lid for Juniordwarf’s shop.
He was so excited about it, and spent most of today opening and closing his ‘shop’, which is the little nook in between our front door and our lounge room. He kept opening and closing the door as well, although there didn’t seem to be much of a correlation between when the shop was open and when the door was open.

A shocking photo, but the only one I could get
in the fast-moving world of Juniordwarf’s shop.

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