P365 – Day 123 cooking with families

For the last three years Juniordwarf and I have participated in activities run by the local Salvation Army under the Communities for Children banner.
Communities for Children is a program funded by the Federal Government and provides support and programs for families with children aged 0-12.
There was a whole range of activities that we participated in, including ‘Kiddygym’, cooking, excursions, parent information sessions and basic first aid training. This year we haven’t been involved, because Juniordwarf’s school days clash with the 0-5 kids’ program.
But during May, they’re running a cooking program on Tuesdays. Given Juniordwarf’s new-found interest in cooking, I thought he’d be interested in going, which he was, so I signed him up.
It’s a four-week program run by a chef, and we’ll be learning about healthy cooking that the kids can be involved in and food hygiene issues.
Today was the first day of the class, and we learned how to do easy (fast) roast chicken, gourmet pizzas and pear tarts.  The small size of the class was great. Two kids went into the kitchen each time and the others watched and then did the same thing on their tables. They got to peel stuff, stuff stuff and layer stuff. We all got aprons, and the kids got their own paper chef hats.
Looking a little apprehensive ….
but look at all those plates!
Then we got to eat it all, which the chef had conveniently prepared earlier, so we got to take what we’d made home and cook it later.
Juniordwarf had a great time. And he looked very cute in his too-big hat. He’s really looking forward to next week, as am I. 
Slightly too big hat
The serious business of
making pizza
Look what I made!

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