P365 Day 122 – tidying and sorting

Now that I have my new scrapooking space, I thought I should sort through the bags full of paper and half-finished layouts that I’ve been accumulating and get them in some sort of order.

So I tipped them all out of the floor and sorted out the layouts in progress and the paper to go back to the paper storage rack.

I found several almost complete layouts and several where I’d matched up the paper and the photos but got no further. I was surprised (no, actually I wasn’t surprised) to find layouts I’d started that I’d totally forgotten about and paper I didn’t know I had.

Now all the unfinished layouts are in ‘work in progress albums’ and next time I want to work on one, I’ll be able to flip through the album and find one, together with all the bits and pieces that are supposed to be added to the page.

At least that’s the plan.

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